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Three Commercial Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Today's cutthroat competition means putting up an impressive standpoint, and a good way to catch the eye of your future tenants and/or clients is through magnificent commercial landscaping that can transform your buildings infrastructure. Finding the right commercial landscape company to meet your requirements is crucial, but whoever you hire, make sure they don’t make these mistakes. So, here are the top 3 commercial landscaping mistakes that everyone should avoid!

Creating the wrong budget for commercial landscaping and Maintenance

Starting with a short-sighted budget is one of the major commercial landscaping mistakes any business or management company can make. Commercial landscaping is a very dynamic investment, hence needs constant maintenance. When you are getting a design, ask about maintenance cost.

After a few years, there might be a need for renovating or converting your design to meet the constantly changing California Standards, which will need a dynamic and far-sighted budget. This might also be valid for any kind of damage due to natural disasters or accidents. Make sure you have a little put away for a rainy day (pun intended).

Disregarding security and safety

It is undoubtedly one of the common landscaping mistakes when it comes to commercial landscaping. It is important to ensure the safety and security of your employees, tenants, and property visitors before approving any landscpape designs.

This is one of those commercial landscaping mistakes that can be gracefully and strategically avoided. For example: having a good Commercial Landscape Maintenance, like; regularly trimmed bushes to minimize the accidents caused due to invisibility or setting up proper lights that ensure safety at night or when it's dark are signs that you are not disregarding safety at your property.

Not getting a water management analysis

It is crucial to know what your property needs in regards to water consumption. We often find that a lot of properties we acquire for maintenance have been overwatering for years and in some cases underwatering. The cost to do an analysis is drastically inexpensive in comparison to the cost of the money you may be wasting by overwatering or underwatering.

Final words

By avoiding these commercial landscaping mistakes, you can easily get an idea of what to look for in the commercial landscaping company you assign the responsibility of your property.

About Coastlandscaping Inc. –

Since 1978, Coast Landscaping Inc. has been a leader in Landscape Construction, Maintenance, and Water Management.

We serve many properties extended throughout California and have both the State of California small business status (SBE) as well as the City of San Diego emerging Local Business Enterprise (ELBE) status. We believe being knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge to our clients is what sets us apart. Our team has the qualifications, education, and experience required to exceed your expectations! Check out our Contractor Profile!

For landscape construction jobs, we serve the greater Southern California area including San Diego, Riverside, San Bernadino, Los Angeles, and Orange County. We specialize in commercial landscape construction and public works projects. Our scope of work includes city, federal, state, school & commercial projects, as well as transportation agencies. We are a prevailing wage employer who's experience includes new, existing, restoration, retrofits, and mitigation back-to-natural habitat projects.

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