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Synthetic Grass VS Real Grass- Which is Best for Your Commercial Landscape

An attractive landscape doesn’t have to be limited to residential villas. Adding a well-maintained, verdant lawn to your commercial property, can add to its aesthetic and even attract customers. A commercial landscape service can help you install a lawn, which can serve as the base for other landscape features. If you’re confused between synthetic and natural grass for your lawn, here’s a comparison of the two.

Synthetic Grass Vs. Real Grass

1. Water Requirements

Drought tolerance refers to a plant’s ability to survive during unprecedented arid conditions. One of the biggest advantages of synthetic grass is that it doesn’t need water. So, you’ll have a green lawn all year long.

Natural grass, even if it is a drought-tolerant variety, will need some amount of water to survive. If you have a smaller lawn you can opt for natural grass.

2. Ability to Handle Foot Traffic

A lawn is meant to be used, but regular, heavy foot traffic can cause discoloration or bare spots. For commercial landscape purposes, synthetic grass is the best, owing to its high durability.

If you have your heart set on natural grass, you can opt for hardy species like Kikuyu or Zoysia.

3. Shade Tolerance

This parameter refers to a plant’s ability to survive in shaded areas that have little to no sunlight. While artificial grass doesn’t require sunlight to thrive, it does retain more heat than real grass. There are several shade-tolerant varieties of natural grass you can consider, like Zoysia and Bahia.

4. Maintenance

It’s a common misconception that synthetic grass doesn’t require any maintenance. It is prone to dust, dirt, and a build-up of foul odors, so it needs to be washed and cleaned regularly to maintain its pristine quality. As for natural grass, you’ll have to water, mow, and remove weeds to maintain it. You may also need to fertilize it to stimulate growth.

Final Words

Once you choose between artificial and natural grass, for your commercial landscape ensure that you maintain it well. Before selecting, consider factors like weather, budget, and location to make a wise choice.

Why us?

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