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Should You Plant Fruit Trees In Commercial Landcsaping

The landscape design of commercial buildings project the values they uphold, in addition to enhancing the asthetics and functionality of the outdoor space. Therefore, choosing the right kind of plants becomes essential. If you are considering to integrate fruit trees in commercial landscaping, then you must take its pros and cons into mind. Though trees bearing fruits will not only add a pop of colours to your landscape and provide you with free, juicy seasonal fruits but will also escalate the value of your property, it might not be favourable to plant them just everywhere.

Are Fruit Trees In Commercial Landcsapes A Good Idea?

If your landscape design plan is for an area that sees frequent hustle and bustle, then you better think twice before planting fruits trees. Most fruits that will go unpicked will fall on the ground, splashing their juices, littering the place, making it sticky and attracting a variety of insects. This will not only ruin the aesthetics of your landscape but also can potentially distraught your customers. Moreover, if you have planned to cultivate fruits trees to create isles for walking or parking, there is always the fear of fruits dropping on people’s heads or vehicles.

Areas accessible to heavy traffic will have their trees exposed to a lot of pollutants. Most fruits trees are known to be sensitive to air pollutants and show stunted growth, browning of leaves and delayed fruiting because of that. Besides, they require adequate amount of sunlight, frequent pruning, trimming, and fertilizing to show proper growth an bear fruits. Having fruits trees in your commercial landscape will require you to spend a hefty amount in commercial landscape care.


If you have an extension that is free from frequent human intervention and you want to enhance visual aspect of it, then planting fruits trees over there can be a great idea. Otherwise, incorporating fruits trees in commercial landscaping will require you to be very flexible with your commercial landscape care budget so that the proper growth of the trees and the green waste management can be taken care of seamlessly to give you the desired output.

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