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Plants That Are Awesome in the Fall

Summers and springs are seasons of colors with various hues of flowers and plants. However, the autumn season is usually considered pretty drab because it is usually around the same time when plants start storing their energy and shed their leaves. If you are worried about a dull fall garden, then worry no more! These fall plants will brighten up your gardens in no time!

Balloon Flower

These gorgeous flowers perfectly resemble hot air balloons before they bloom into their full glory. These flowers’ rich and radiant shades make an excellent addition to your garden and are one of the best autumn plants.

1. Dianthus

These perennial flowering plants are available in various hues ranging from deep red, purple to light red shades. And guess what? Their fragrance and long-lasting forms definitely make them the perfect fall plants!

2. Goldenrod

Until now, we have seen plants corresponding to red and violet shades. Now, it is time to introduce Goldenrods that will provide a striking contrast to the purplish and reddish hues of the other flowering plants. Since they are bountiful nectar sources, you can expect butterflies and bees to dally around these fast-spreading weed autumn plants!

3. Marigold

Marigold plants can sustain frost and are worth every penny you invest. The vivid orange shades of these plants make them suitable for decoration and festivals in countries like India. The best part is that these plants are quite easy to grow and maintain!

4. Asters

Asters are one of the best plants for the fall season because they start to blossom and bloom when other flowers and plants are fading. With shades of blue, lavender, purple, and pink, you can be rest assured that your garden will always be full of life and colors!

Make sure to get these fall garden plants and spruce up the ambiance this fall! Happy planting!

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