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Maintenance Free Ideas For Commercial Landscaping

Even the art of commercial landscaping is not as difficult as the future maintenance of these landscapes! Well here are some of the easiest maintenance-free ideas for commercial landscaping that you should implement right now!

1. Go Local!

Choosing native plants that suit your landscaping needs is the easiest way to get a maintenance-free commercial landscape. As native plants are already accustomed to the environment and atmosphere that your plants are going to be planted in, it completely leaves you the trouble of any additional fertilizers or companion plants. Native plant species are easy to sustain and can be left on their own with minimal maintenance.

2. Evergreen is Ever-beautiful

When choosing plants or trees to add to your landscape, going for evergreen trees is the best way to keep your landscape lush green, aesthetic and beautiful, all around the year. Evergreen trees need nothing more than regular watering which can also be managed with a watering system that can go all around your garden every day. Planting evergreen flowering plants will also save you a lot of future trouble, and dense trees like tropical hardwoods will provide you with a calm surrounding 24/7!

3. Include Rocks

Rocks are the least troublesome decorative garden elements that you can ever go for! You can find colorful rocks or you can use native rocks to create a walking trail or to highlight important areas of your garden with them. A lot of people also use rocks to line the mulch of the plants which also acts as a good decoration and also helps in storing more water in the root area of the plants to help the roots get maximum water absorption.

4. Let the Mulch Stay!

Speaking of mulch, a lot of people have the habit of covering every inch of their garden in grass or moss. However this could be your biggest mistake in commercial landscaping as the more green cover you use for the land, the more maintenance it will require. Moreover, mulch helps plants to get in as much moisture as possible from the air and keeps it locked in.

Final Words

All these ideas will help you create the landscape of your dream with no hassle at all! Time to begin!


Since 1978, Coast Landscaping Inc. has been a leader in Landscape Construction, Maintenance, and Water Management.

We serve many properties extended throughout California and have both the State of California small business status (SBE) as well as the City of San Diego emerging Local Business Enterprise (ELBE) status. We believe being knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge to our clients is what sets us apart. Our team has the qualifications, education, and experience required to exceed your expectations!

For landscape construction jobs, we serve the greater Southern California area including San Diego, Riverside, San Bernadino, Los Angeles, and Orange County. We specialize in commercial landscape construction and public works projects. Our scope of work includes city, federal, state, school & commercial projects, as well as transportation agencies. We are a prevailing wage employer who’s experience includes new, existing, restoration, retrofits, and mitigation back-to-natural habitat projects. For commercial maintenance projects, we maintain HOAs and commercial accounts.

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