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Landscaping That Is Easy On Allergies

Just because you are allergic to pollens, doesn’t mean you are completely robbed of the opportunity to enjoy greenery around you. Despit your allergy, you can have a beautiful landscape design, a springy tuft and a pop of colours in your garden. Here’s how you can go about allergy-free landscaping.

Allergy-Free Landcsape Design

One of the best ways to create an allergy-free garden is start planting female trees. There are some monoiecious plants which bear both male and female flowers and thus produce pollens. However, in case of dieoicious plants, male and female plants are separate. Therefore having the female trees in your garden will rule out the possibility of the pollens irritating you. Some amount of pollen might still be present since they will be brought from the male counterparts by pollinators to the female flowers, but the amount will be too negligible to affect you.

Another way of practicing allergy-free landscaping is to choose plants that have vibrant and showy flowers. Those usually attract insects and have sticky pollens which attach to their bodies and get transported during pollination. Bougainvillea, roses, sunflowers, dahlia, hydrangeas, hyacinths, and tulips are some of the best allergy-frendly options. Plants like dandelions and grasses which do not have prominent flowers have pollens that are carried by wind and thus are not at all allergy-freindly.

Grasses often play an important role in landscape designing. However, they are mostly the sweet spot for weeds to flourish which bear pollens in copious amounts and worsen the situation. An allergy-free garden can have the natural grass replaced by synthetic grass. The look and feel is well emulated to stimulate the turfy vibe.

People with allergy eager to garden can check the allergy rankings of plants in the ogren plant allergy scale . The higher the rank, the less allergy-freindly it is. As per the scale, some of the best options for allergy-free landscaping are avocado, cedars, fir, peach and plum; while some of the worst choices include acacia, walnut, mimosa and oliver.


Allergies can be quite troublesome and annoying. They might restrict the number of options for you, but they can never stop you from having the beautiful experiences you deserve. If you are allergic or have asthma and were of the view that you could never enjoy aromatic blossoms and greenery around you, then we hope your myth has been busted now; allergy-free landscaping is your way to go and fortunately, you have loads of alternatives at your disposal!

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