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Landscape Designs that Help with Heavy Rains

For many landscape issues, rain may be the best solution. Those priceless raindrops falling from the sky contain a wealth of nutrients necessary for trees, plants, and grass to survive. But when it comes to curb appeal, having too much of a good thing isn't always the greatest option. Due to excessive rain or irrigation, the landscape design may look unhealthy and unappealing. Adding a retaining wall, going for a hardscape design, creating a rain garden, etc., are some ways you can go.

Follow these steps to ensure that your landscaping is in perfect condition in heavy rains.

Add layers of gravel and rocks

You can add layers of rocks and gravel around the plants; it will look beautiful and help in the aeration that will allow water to travel through the root zone.

Add a retaining wall

Sometimes due to the landscape design or the topography, there are chances that the rainwater can pool at the site. In this situation, adding a retaining wall is extremely useful as it can direct water through our environment. It can shield a garden, guide the flow of rain onto the streets, or stop it from collecting near the house's foundation.

Add hardscape

Permeable hardscapes provide more opportunities for the rain to soak into the earth and prevent rainwater from flooding your landscape design. You can also opt for paved surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, that do not absorb any water; instead, they direct it to a different location.

Build a rain garden

You can turn the problem of constant pooling due to heavy rain into a solution by making a rain garden if your yard. Rain garden consists of water-loving plants, so they take advantage of the rainy weather. For example, you can add sedges, wildflowers that thrive in swamps, and trees and shrubs that prefer water.

Final words

There is some landscape design that you can incorporate to protect your plants and landscaping from rain. If the problem persists, you can always take the guidance of professional landscaping services.

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