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How to Control Weeds in Your Landscaping?

Growing plants in a landscape require immense patience and time. Regular watering and nutrition go a long way in ensuring that your landscape is maintained in a pristine and lush state. However, weeds can often start sprouting up and steal the nutrients meant for your plants. So, if you are wondering about ways to control weeds, read this article!

1. Applying Pre-emergent Herbicides

Sometimes, controlling the number of weeds in your landscape or yard becomes tedious due to the incessant numbers. This is why many people often apply pre-emergent herbicides ( weed killer). These herbicides stop the growth of weeds from seeds and are usually tailored to target a few weed families. This means that your preferred plants would not be affected by the application of this herbicide! So, a weed killer is not always bad, and guess what? This is one of the best methods to control weeds!

2. Creating a Drought

Naturally, your plants would not occupy the entire landscape space which leaves room for the growth of weeds. When you water the entire garden, weed seeds are exposed to the right germination conditions. Therefore, creating a drought by utilizing a soaker hose at the end of the garden plants ensures that you control weeds and their growth!

3. Eliminating Hitchhikers

Sometimes, you plant saplings from nurseries but did you know that they can also be the potential sources of weed growth? They might often carry weed seeds or plants and they are quite fast at multiplying their numbers. It is extremely crucial for you to scan and filter out any unwanted friends that your saplings might carry.

These methods to control weeds prove to be useful in most cases and if you still are finding issues with weed management, you can always contact professionals!

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