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How to choose right soil for planting?

Lively plants are mirrors of soil health. The right soil for plants is the basis of the health and vigour of your plants. You might not find it an interesting task, but it is the most important aspect of planting. Right soil can serve your garden to reach its maximum potential. Plus there will be a lesser need for fertilizers and pesticides. Let us discover some fundamental ways for preparing the right soil for plants.

1. Know about the type of soil you have.

This might surprise you but yes, the soil has its own type. And knowing about its type is crucial before planting. Here's a quick overview of soil types:-

a. Silts - It has small, tiny particles packed very firmly with each other.

b. Clay soil - It drains fast and becomes hard when dry.

c. Sandy soil - The particle size in this type of soil is very large through which water and nutrients flow too easily.

Adding organic matter is the easiest way to prepare healthy soil for planting. Another way is to mix different soil types to balance mineral particles.

2. Know about the pH of your soil

Take small batches of the soil sample from different parts of your garden. Then, you can either use a DIY soil kit or go for a professional soil analysis.

Now, if the soil is too acidic, you can add powdered sulfur. And if it is too alkaline, then you can add some lime.

3. Improving garden soil

You can do this by adding 2 things.

· Decomposed organic waste.

· Manure.

These two matters will add nutrients as well as help micro-organisms to grow. These organisms decompose leaves and plant debris, and convert them into readily available nutrients. Plus, these matters will ensure less need for chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides.

Final words

The right soil for plants does not require much help from chemicals. You can prepare decomposed organic waste at home. You have to collect the wastage from foods you eat and put it in a container or a ditch in the ground for few days.


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