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Fruit Trees That Are Ideal For Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping your properties with fruit trees can not only beautify your property but also allow the potential occupants to benefit from it. Considering fruit trees for home garden while commercial landscaping is a great idea to attract more visitors to the property.

To help you plan some perfect fruit tree landscaping ideas here are 3 fruit trees that are ideal for commercial landscaping!

1. Apples

Apples come in a wide variety of species that are different in tastes, textures, structures, etc. Apple trees are extremely low maintenance and can be planted at your convenience, i.e., as potted plants, full-grown trees maintained bonsai, etc. These trees can mature within 3-5 years and can bear fruits as well. Most dwarf trees are ready in just 2 years!

2. Cherry

Cherry fruit trees for home garden are a blessing in disguise. It beautifies all your landscapes with its cherry blossom and the fruits are a favourite of many. Species like Compact Stella and dwarf cherries will be an ideal pick for commercial landscapes as these would require low maintenance and can mature easily within 2 years.

3. Grapefruit

This is an evergreen tree which is a high priority for most commercial landscapers when planning a landscape with fruit trees. Dwarf Grapefruit species will grow upto 12 feet whereas regular trees can go upto 20 feet high. When planted in a well-lit area and well-drained soil, grapefruits can make a great addition to commercial landscapes.

Final Words

Adding fruit trees for home garden can be a great addition if you have enough time in hand as most of them take at least 2 years to mature. You can think of purchasing bonsais if you wish to add fruit trees to your garden immediately.

Now that you know the right way to go, it's time to get your favourite fruits in your gardens!

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