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All You Need to Know About Grey Water Systems

Water is the source of life; naturally, its scarcity is causing concern among people worldwide. This is why to conserve water; Grey water systems are widely used. Being an excellent freshwater substitute, it is used for various activities like irrigation, gardening, etc.

What are Grey water systems?

Greywater is wastewater that originates from places like your bathroom and kitchen. Greywater is relatively clean in comparison to toilet water. While greywater may contain oils and fats, it can be reused and can replace freshwater for some purposes. Thus Grey water systems mark a big step in the conservation of water.

How do Grey water systems work?

Since water from bathrooms and sinks might contain viruses and germs, you must filter it to remove all pathogens. So, to facilitate greywater reuse, there are four steps to follow.

1. Pretreatment

Greywater is first filtered via biofilter to ensure the filter absorbs all fats and oils.

2. Sand and gravel filter

The next step involves using the sand and gravel filter to remove debris, germs, hair, and other contaminants missed by the biofilter.

3. Storage

Greywater is collected and kept in a tank or drum. However, you should not store greywater for longer periods as it might start to stink.

4. Outlet/usage

After the filtration process, the filtered water can be discharged into the ground, which will improve groundwater levels. Or you can opt for greywater reuse and use the greywater to mop the floor, irrigation, etc.

Benefits of greywater reuse

1. Helps in the conservation of water

Greywater reuse cuts down on the amount of freshwater used for other purposes in the home. If more individuals use grey water systems, the amount of water used will be dramatically reduced.

2. Saves money

There are not only benefits of greywater for landscape, but there are benefits for your pockets too! If you are getting a high water bill, then installing grey water systems will lower your bill.

3. Reduces energy consumption

Since less freshwater would be used, the amount of energy necessary to pump water into the house will be lowered.

Final words

Grey water systems are the need of the hour as they not only help you to save water but also let you take progressive steps towards being more sustainable and environmental-friendly!

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