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A Few Favorites

Being landscaping professionals, we have found a few products that make our job a little easier.

1) Critter-Maxx Organic Critter Repellent

We all have those little "friends" that aren't helpful in beautifying our landscapes. CRITTER-MAXX pest repellent helps to repel those pesky “critters” that destroy or damage our landscape plantings. We like this product because it is not a poison that will kill animals; it simply makes the environment unpleasant in which to feed. The organic formula is effective in driving away gophers, moles, and voles, as well as other landscape pests. It is safe around other animals and landscapes and can be applied through drip systems with no foul smell!

2) Maxx-Flush

We like this product as it eliminates salt and adds calcium to the soil. It also saves water and reduces nutrient and chemical requirements. It is also excellent for reclaimed water as it breaks ups compacted soil for more efficient water penetration.

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