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Benefits of Pre-Emergent Products

We recently just applied Pre-Emergent lawn care products to many of our projects. What is a Pre-Emergent lawn care product you may ask? Pre-Emergent products are preventative herbicides that can be helpful throughout the majority of the growing season of different types of weeds. Since various weeds germinate at different times, repeated applications of the correct chemical can eliminate the majority of the weeds in any lawn or yard.

These are some of the benefits:

  1. The weed is eliminated permanently. Because the seed is allowed to germinate and the young tender sprout is killed, the weed is done. A PreEmergent is activated in the top layer of soil where the weed seeds sprout and stops the plant from growing. Pre-emergents break the cycle of constant regrowth of new weeds.

  2. Easier Weed Management. By applying the product, dealing with any remaining weeds is easier. Without the product to reduce the infestation, it always seems to be a losing battle trying to kill every weed before it reproduces!

  3. Use Now, Use Less Later!- The good thing about using these products is each successive season the need to spray is lessened and perhaps gone for good.

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