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Water Regulation Resource

Ever wonder where to find the most updated state wide water regulation information?

The California Department of Water Resources is a great place to start is the web site for viewing all aspects of our current drought and water issues the state of CA is facing.

Individual state wide water authorities under the umbrella of the California Water Authority will offer their own web sites and spell out the restrictions to current water use based off of their particular situations and conditions. Each individual sub group of local water authorities will differ greatly due to population, zoning such as agriculture, commercial or residential and their requests or demands will vary based on these facts.

Elements that will affect one local water authority from the next range from state wide to even out of state water importing, desalination abilities, well water attributes and gray water use. The restrictions change based on the amounts of water that the state and local areas throughout the state experience.

In San Diego, it’s smart to stay in touch with our local water authority to do our part & know what the newest regulations are. Check out: or

for the mobile app feature!

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