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Next Generation of Irrigation Tools

With the beginning of the fall season, we are upgrading our existing Hydropoint devices to the new WeatherTrak Pro3 version, found exclusively at Hydroscape Products These efficient devices not only save our precious time, your time, money, and water (drought anyone?), but are the next generation of irrigation management tools. Here’s the scoop:

Why WeatherTRAK?

WeatherTrak is a central based irrigation controller with 2 way telecommunication approved by the EPA WaterSense. It maximizes water savings with a precise scheduling engine programmed for specific hydrozones by station and daily high-resolution weather data. It protects assets with Real-Time Visibility, Alarms, and Analysis Reports making the data accessible from our iPhones and iPads, saving time and costs. These devices are not only easy to install, use, and maintain but are followed by strong customer support from both Hydroscape Products and Hydropoint.

Educating Our Clients

Ever wonder why a water bill is a certain dollar amount? This irrigation solution helps us set up historical consumption and projected consumption water budgets giving our clients tangible reports that easily detail where they’re spending countless dollars.

Other than the time savings, multiple reporting options, and realtime system alerts, WeatherTRAK is flow capable! What this means is that in the event of a control valve failure, a broken supply or lateral irrigation line, or even a broken sprinkler, it will signal the automatic controller to shut off the water supply through the master control valve. This protects your assets from water damage and saves water, thus money. The best part of the scenario is that this all happens without our physical involvement. For after hour shut offs, an alert has already been emailed directly to the appropriate account manager for scheduling the repair the following morning! Great news for everyone right?

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