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Protecting Your Landscape in the Drought

This July, roughly 58% of California was considered to be experiencing an “exceptional ” drought, the harshest on a 5 point scale. Half of California is in this state, including San Diego, and conditions are the WORST THEY HAVE EVER BEEN in state history (LA Times, 2014).

According to the San Diego County Water Authority, wasting waster is illegal. Here is a recap of the ordinance.

  • Limit outdoor watering days and times to no more than 3 days per week.

  • Water waste resulting from inefficient landscape irrigation is prohibited.

  • Washing down paved surfaces is prohibited.

  • Water only during the late evening (after 6) or early morning hours (before 10).

  • Eliminate runoff from irrigation systems… Fix the problem within 72 hours.

  • Wash vehicles at a commercial car wash or by using a hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle or with a hand-held water container.

  • Turn off water fountains and other water features unless they use recycled water.

  • Use hoses with shut-off valves

  • Serving water to restaurant patrons only upon request is required as well as offering hotel guests the option of not laundering towels and linens daily

  • Use recycled or non-potable water for construction when available

Though the above information is for the entire county, each city should check with it’s own water district’s drought response. Check out this website for more information:

In order to protect your landscape in the drought, Coast Landscaping Inc. is responsible to carry out the laws and do our part in conservation. We will continue to do our best in reducing water by:

  • Our fast response times to emergency calls or concerns.

  • Continuing to educate and involve our clients in everything we do & why we do it.

  • Changing watering schedules and water amounts as necessary to comply with the ordinance.

  • Being a problem solver; creating solutions through higher efficiency irrigation product and weather based irrigation controllers.

  • Being resourceful, and staying educated and up to date on the latest news and regulations.

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