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Minimizing Liability & Improving Customer Service

For over a year, we have used a great company called Fleetmatics.

It is a company that provides GPS tracking and reports in real time. We have all of our vehicles installed with the device to help us better manage our employees. Fleetmatics recently posted a blog on their site about our success. This is the overview:

“Coast Landscaping, like many businesses, continuously aims to be more efficient by saving time and money. The business looked to fleet management technology to help achieve this goal and has found success with the Fleetmatics solution.

Fleetmatics has helped the company significantly lower its fuel bill. “Our gas bill alone has decreased by approximately 25% annually simply by minimizing wasteful driving,” says Tyler Mason, Operations Manager. Wasteful driving can be anything from aggressive driving to mindless idling. Fleetmatics provided the visibility to make these fuel-saving changes. Eventually, employees became more accountable for how they were driving and improved their habits.

Mason credits Fleetmatics for helping to lower overall liability within the business. “Fleetmatics reporting sends daily email alerts informing us if an employee is speeding,” explains Mason. “This makes it easy for us to minimize our liability.” The company can also better manage and create more efficient driving routes for employees.

Fleetmatics also serves as a great back up time card for the company’s employees. If a driver forgets to clock in or out, the fleet manager can simply look up the route replay and see exactly what time they left and returned to the office.

The live tracking feature helps Coast Landscaping better serve its customers by being able to communicate more accurate arrival times of drivers. By being able to see where each driver is, the dispatcher can alert customers if a driver is lost or in traffic. Clients are happier because expectations are managed better.

Mason concludes, “Fleetmatics has really given us more peace of mind.”

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