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Holiday & Heat Illness

Tomorrow is Independence Day and the weather forecast says is should be in the high 80s!

Though taking a much needed day off for the holiday, any other Friday, work would be in full swing, regardless of the hot weather. Since summer has arrived and hot days are inevitable, it is really important for everyone, specially those outside (and those working outside) to be protected against heat and the illness it can bring.

What is Heat Illness?

Heat illness is when the body’s temperature control can’t maintain an acceptable internal temperature leading to a dangerous increase of a person’s core temperature. It develops from exposure to high temperatures with inadequate or unbalanced fluid replacement.

Signs of Heat Illness:

Heat rash, heat cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion, heavy sweating, paleness, fast pulse, extreme weakness or tiredness, dizziness & fainting.

How to be Protected:

1) Drink plenty of fluids, up to one quart per hour and 2) Get in the shade and take a “recovery period.”

Employer’s Responsibilities:

New Labor Code, Section 226.7, includes the following information about the “recovery period.” 1) An employer can’t require employees to work during “recovery period. 2) Recovery periods can be taken on an “as needed” basis and the employee decides when the recovery period is needed to prevent overheating (at least 5 minutes with no outer limit). 3) An employer who requires an employee to work during a recovery period must pay one hour of pay for each day that the recovery period is not provided.

Remember to Stay hydrated & Stay Cool!

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