Mix & Matching in a Landscape?

A very common mistake made by landscape architects, some landscaping companies, and homeowners is designing landscapes with plants that are incompatible with each other.

The intent is to create a design that is full of color and beauty, but the mistake lies in not being educated about the plants being used. Plants that don’t like each other may be responding to different environmental needs, could be in direct competition with one another for major resources, or one may attract insects that severely harm the other. Determining plant incompatibility is key to avoid a unsatisfactory landscape. Before planting your landscape, consider the following:

1) Are all of the plants in your design water compatible?

2) Are all of the plants in your design light compatible?

3) Are all of the plants in your design compatible with their soil medium?

4) Are all of the plants in your design compatible in regards to their final growing size, making sure to not crowd out smaller growth plants?

These four issues can make or break a beautiful landscape in the end.

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