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HOA "Common Area" Courtesy

Living in a HOA has many advantages, one being provided a landscape company to take care of any landscaping need.

In HOAs there are many “common areas” that are everyone’s responsibility to care for and respect. Many times, residents prune or plant their own items, going against HOA regulations and impeding the landscaper’s ability to maintain the property. As a homeowner in an HOA, it is always your responsibility to store your hoses properly and return all personal items back to your property when not in use. Homeowners are also asked to refrain from planting or changing the landscaping in any common area.

The following are guidelines to follow for everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

  • Refrain from planting along the front walkways or the plant beds.

  • Do not place furniture, barbecue grills, decorative objects, sports equipment or toys in the plant beds.

  • Refrain from placing potted plants in planters or obstructing walkways or driveways.

  • Placing plants, bricks or stones around the trees is not allowed.

  • No planting fruit trees.

  • For the landscape company to be able to do their job, all personal items left on the common area must be moved .

  • Be respectful using common areas… which are, after all, for everyone’s enjoyment.

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