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Got Brown Grass?

You have worked too hard on your beautiful lawn to have brown spots….Don’t put up with them!

Brown spots on your lawn can be caused by many different problems. 3 of the most common include: Fungus, Insects, and Watering.


If the infected area of lawn is unable to be pulled out and brown spots are still prevalent, fungus is probably the problem. This problem can be corrected by checking water issues such as too much or too little. Fungus fighter chemicals might be beneficial as well (examples include FungiFighter or Chipco GT).


To see if insects are the source of the brown spots on your lawn, try pulling up the affected areas to see if they come out in clumps. If they are, applying insecticides will correct this.

Overwatering or underwatering can certainly cause brown spots. Testing your soil can be a good way to see where your lawn stands. First, stick a 8″ screwdriver into the best looking area of your lawn and see how it slides out. If it slides out easily, this indicates healthy hydrated soil. Next, test the affected area and see how the screwdriver slides out. If it doesn’t easily, water is needed. If it is soaked, muddy, or saturated, too much water is being provided to the area.

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