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The "Giving" Trees

Trees are not only beautiful to look at, they “give” many ecological, recreational, and environmental benefits enriching our lives in many ways.

Ecological Tree Benefits:

Trees have many ecological benefits. Not only do they absorb pollutants, as few as 20 trees can offset the pollution from a car driven 60 miles per day. Dense screens of trees and shrubs can also help with reducing noise pollution as well as even cleanse partially-treated wastewater. Trees have also been shown to reduce the urban heat island effect by directly shading heat absorbing surfaces, and indirectly through evapotranspirational (ET) cooling. It is truly amazing how many benefits trees provide us.

Recreational Tree Benefits:

Along with being beautiful to look at, trees can provide amazing recreational use as a place to play, meditate, gather, or rest. They also provide a refreshing contrast to the harsh shape, color, and texture of buildings, as well as stimulate the human senses with their simple color, sound, smell, and motions.

Besides being important for human and recreation use, trees offer a home and plenty of room for birds, animals, and other plants. In a landscape they promote livability, vitality, and value to communities. Along with providing great recreational opportunities and good air and water quality, their scenic beauty will attract new residents and families to the area. Human exposure to trees reduces stress and increases sense of wellness and belonging to individuals. Get outside and start appreciating these majestic beings!

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