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"People aren’t just hired to do a job, they are hired to be part of a team that has very specific objectives and goals to achieve. Our team focus is positive impact on the landscapes we construct while allowing unlimited growth potential.”

Who We Are

Since 1978, Coast Landscaping Inc. has been a leader in Landscape Construction, Maintenance, and Water Management.

We serve many properties extended throughout California and have both the State of California small business status (SBE) as well as the City of San Diego emerging Local Business Enterprise (ELBE) status.  We believe being knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge to our clients is what sets us apart. Our team has the qualifications, education, and experience required to exceed your expectations! Check out our Contractor Profile! 

Who We Serve

For landscape construction jobs, we serve the greater Southern California area including San Diego, Riverside, San Bernadino, Los Angeles, and Orange County.  We specialize in commercial landscape construction and public works projects.  Our scope of work includes city, federal, state, school & commercial projects, as well as transportation agencies. We are a prevailing wage employer who's experience includes new, existing, restoration, retrofits, and mitigation back-to-natural habitat projects. 

For commercial maintenance projects, we maintain HOAs and commercial accounts. 

How Are We Different?

Saving Money- Being proactive is how we keep costs low.  Part of CL's mandate is to consistenly assess possible situations before they become problematic.  We provide each new awarded contract with a complete horticulture report including photos to identify both existing and potential concerns.


Uncompromised Service- In addition to our regular maintenance, CL is available whenever you need us.  Through our Mac platform, we are technologically advanced & readily available to you.   Because we use the latest and greatest, our management can do more work in less time ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.


Profit from Us- Involving and educating our clients is how we benefit them.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of the constant communication we provide.  We truly believe better decisions are made if everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect/going on.


Invest in Your Future- Help strengthen the economic base of your community by encouraging local prosperity by supporting local business. Coast Landscaping Inc. is privately owned and operated and wants to show you the difference.  We believe work is a privilege and should be paid upon performance not effort. Let us exceed your expectations!


Simplify Your Life- Coast Landscaping Inc. wants to be the solution to all your construction and landscape and water management needs.  Because we are a multidimensional leader in the industry, we are ready to take on jobs of any size or demand as well as develop individual maintenance and conservation programs to meet specific requirements.


Insurance/ Surety Bond Work- For over 40 years, we have completed every job we have started. We'd be happy to help you complete any project that may have been left subpar by another contractor and we are ready to aid you with your insurance and construction bond work needs.



























Other Distinct Differences

Professional Image


We want our employees to be consistently comfortable, clean, and represent a professional image.  Using a custom uniform program helps us achieve this.

Fleet & Equipment


To complete any job, we have a fleet of wrapped trucks & autos all possessing the correct signage and safety precautions.  All of our vehicles are maintained and cleaned regularly to promote reliability and superior image.  Our owned STIHL equipment is continuously updated to ensure maximum effectiveness as well as maintaining our Kubota fleet of excavators, backhoes, and tracked loader.


Safety First!


Every reasonable effort is made in the interest of accident prevention.  Through weekly safety meetings, in field training, & on site training per job requirements, workplace accidents/injuries are more preventable.

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